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ArchSafe™ calf stretching wedges are based on our patented FootLock™ technology. The wedges are made of soft, comfortable, slip resistant natural rubber that allows for locking of the foot joints by supination. Locking of the foot protects the arch and transmits the stretching forces to the Achilles tendon more effectively.


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ArchSafe™ wedges were designed by an orthopaedic surgeon for stretching the calf muscles while adequately locking the foot. The soft rubber used in the wedges is slip resistant, comfortable, and durable. The tiny bumps on the surface stimulate nerve endings and sooth sore feet.

The benefits of ArchSafe Products

ArchSafe products help develop flexible calf muscles. This decreases the risk of acute muscle strains and foot injuries. They also help prevent chronic foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, painful flatfeet, knee, ankle, and foot arthritis, diabetic forefoot ulcers, and stress fractures. Flexible calf muscles also increase walking endurance and sports performance. A supple calf can decrease stress and pain in the foot without surgery. There may be instances where surgery is still necessary to reduce the stress and pain.

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